Hallo! This is where I dump stuff that amuse me from other blogs, as well as the occasional doodle and once in a blue moon rambling about my life. Enjoy.

The two things that I love drawing most are gijinkas and genderbent fanart, I noticed.

I recently got super invested in my ancient iPod Touch, and downloaded a bunch of apps like Draw Something and Squids. Squids is a super cute game, even though it took like, forever to download. I play it all the fucking time orz

Anyway, this is Vahine, one of the treasure-hunting squids you start out with. She’s an absolute gem, even though I rarely ever use her healing abilities. She’s just really really cute, and I like her slightly more than Venus, lol.

Probably more characters to come soon. So much pent up inspiration, but I have to do other stuff @__@

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