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hanging out with your best friend more like


We’re sharing

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+this is actually an excellent domestic habit to consider when entering a relationship
+do they also keep a bag full of bags in their pantry?
+if so marry them


the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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My question is how does every single person identify with this, is it like a secret rule to use those for sewing supplies?




My question is how does every single person identify with this, is it like a secret rule to use those for sewing supplies?

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+more like goes back to bed for another 4 hours

What do you mean unhealthy rude

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Reality tv is my guilty pleasure, and I have recently picked up Married at First Sight. The premise is interesting if we take it at face value, that it is a social experiment orchestrated by professionals with high-validity, high-reliability instruments, in an attempt to apply science to relationships. Basically, high-stakes, extreme matchmaking that has been cleverly designed for reality tv.

However, there seems to be a lot of backlash against it in relation to LGBT politics, but while I can understand their frustrations, I don’t believe it’s a fair assessment, and it seems to stem from a very ethnocentric perspective. The union of two people who might not have known each other prior is nothing new from a historical point of view, and even exists to this day in some other cultures. To say that this show is a mockery of marriage and violates the sanctity of marriage is inaccurate and culturally insensitive, to say the least. People shouldn’t be shaming this show for marrying strangers whom have never met each other before, but instead should shame it for the sensationalism and commercialization of marriage that the show is clearly exploiting.

So far I really enjoy the series, and I believe it imparts some very sound advice regarding what maintaining a successful relationship entails. Compatibility is only part of the equation, and whether or not these three couples last will rely on their ability to adapt and learn, to work and function as a single unit.

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Jing, oh my gosh!


Jing, oh my gosh!

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This one time I was having an argument with my parents and they were trying to guilt-trip me so I responded with “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and my sister literally stared at me and mouthed “You fucked up”

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when it autocorrects so you’re left with he’ll yeah

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+Big Hero 6




Can we just talk about how this Disney movie has a diverse ethnic cast of characters and POC are actually voicing the POC characters?

Points for you, Disney. You’re getting better.



Are you kidding me? Are you seriously kidding me? I am sick and tired of people…

First of all, you have to realize that racism still exists in Hollywood. Minorities are still continuously rejected for roles. There is still no “equality” in the film industry.

Especially for Asian actors. Hollywood is scared to hire them as protagonists, because they believe that audiences prefer white characters. It gets to the point where they try and force directors to hire white actors instead.

Example being WFP. They wanted to make a movie (Sleep Shift) with an Asian hero, but Hollywood producers tried to force them to chose a white actor instead. Because they said that “movies about Asians aren’t profitable enough” and that movies need white heroes in order to be successful. WFP still wanted to hire an Asian actor, and Hollywood cancelled their movie.

Or Justin Lin with “Tokyo Drift.” He also wanted to hire an Asian actor as the main character, but Hollywood studios demanded a white actor instead. Justin had to fight with them in order to have colorblind auditions. (This was in like, 2006).

Not forgetting the racism that Asian actors deal with. Some of them have been told to Americanize their names and get plastic surgery to look “less ethnic,” because American audiences apparently wouldn’t like them otherwise. Others have only been called for roles like “Asian nerd” or martial artist, even if they are talented. Does this sound like equality to you?

Sure, some Asian actors become successful, but even they still face racism. Even Lucy Liu says that she is not seriously considered for certain roles, like they won’t chose her for romance movies. Because it’s apparently too weird to see an Asian woman in a romance film.

Why can’t people see Disney characters for who they are and what they stand for?

When I was little, there were no Asian heroes. Asians were not portrayed as multidimensional and likeable characters, they were portrayed as nerds, kung fu masters, and immigrants with “funny accents.” It was as if our stories were not worth telling. We were never the main characters of the story, we were always a token Asian friend. 

Then comes along a movie like Mulan, in which she is a developed and relateable character. Do you understand how much that means? Asians were previously only shown as stereotypes to be made fun of. (Especially if you grow up being made fun of by white kids, who think it’s funny that you want to be Ariel or Belle because you’re not the right skin color).

Why do some people see Disney characters only for the color of their skin/skin tones? 

Hollywood itself is very focused on skin color. Producers say it all the time: audiences like white characters better, white characters are more relateable, nobody likes minority characters, etc. Sometimes they even outright tell actors, “we’re not looking for black/Asian/Native American actors.” Somehow, all of this discrimination is legal.

Whatever happened to seeing the characters for who they are? What happened to those days?

Those days never existed.

Seriously, Hollywood started off as a place where POC weren’t even allowed to star in movies. Instead, it looked like this:

White people in racist makeup, b/c white actors were often the only ones allowed on set. And whenever Hollywood DID hire minorities as supporting characters, audiences responded poorly. Example being Star Trek, which was one of the first shows to have an interracial kiss. There was backlash, and that episode was banned for years.

Besides, people have been talking about representation for decades. Minorities have always been trying to make their own representation. There were anti-racism protests that have been occurring in Hollywood since the 70s, it’s not like people just started caring about it now.

Example being Marlon Brando..he won an Oscar for The Godfather, but instead of going up to receive it, he had a Native American woman go up and do a short speech about racism in Hollywood. To which she was booed, and there were white men who had to be restrained because they wanted to pull her off the stage and beat her.

I’m sorry for this rant but, I’m really, really tired of seeing statements like the 1 italicized above.

I’m tired of the idea that it’s somehow irrational to want more diversity on TV. When Hollywood is the one who discriminates. Tbh I don’t even understand what you’re mad about. The person was praising Disney. Would it be better if they criticized it? Because if this movie only received hate, Hollywood wouldn’t want to make more movies with diverse characters.

It happened with “Red Tails.” Hollywood refused to fund that movie because it had an all black cast. Because they said that movies with all black casts aren’t successful. So the director used his own money to make the film…it bombed, and Hollywood was like “see! we told you that movies about black people aren’t as successful.”

If BH6 bombs, then Hollywood will just be like “it’s better to make superhero films with white characters.” Seriously.. look into the past few years, and try to name all the Hollywood movies with an Asian hero.

We should be happy that Disney is making BH6.

ps…(studies show that lack of diversity has a negative affect on children of color’s self esteem).

Never mind I said anything at all. I wasn’t even mad to begin with. I’m just tired of seeing statements on how there should be more Disney Characters who are of “People Of Color”. I wasn’t born yesterday. I am aware that racism still exists in the world. All I’m saying is just enjoy the characters for who they are….. My goodness….. honeypunzel

Honestly, the article you linked does not make any sense to me. I grew up watching plenty of kids TV shows where the majority of the cast had light, fair skin. That never lowered my self-esteem growing up.

While ideally we should enjoy and appreciate a story for its plot and characters, we live in a world that’s far from ideal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve gathered, Honeypunzel’s entire point is that asking for more diversity in media is a completely valid request, because representation for people of color has an actual impact.

Also, it’s great that you did not feel that the lack of representation affected your self-esteem, but you do not represent entire populations. Your experience, or lack thereof, when it comes to certain social trends does not invalidate that of others. 

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You ever just realize how lucky you are that you did that weird thing that led to you being friends with the people you are friends with?

That moment was so cringe-worthy I can’t even

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
marchesa spring 2013 rtw

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I adore this barn cat. She’s so sweet. Can’t wait to have like 10000 of my own.

Let’s clone her

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Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Kristian Aadnevik f/w 2014-2015[2/2]

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